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2007-05-14 17:59:10
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For a while now i have been working on a project and am happy to say its now ready for the masses.

To quote the front page :

What is Eco-Talk?

Eco-Talk is a free on-line library of recordings made at recent environmental talks and meetings in the UK. Its aim is to increase access to words of wisdom from some of the world's most renowned environmental commentators. The service is currently offered for free and is run and funded by volunteers. However, if you are able to donate towards the running costs this will enable the scheme to be expanded and improved, with any excess being given to the environmental organisations involved in order to help fund future events.

How does it work?

The recordings are available in MP3 format, which means that if your computer has sound, it should be able to play them. There are several ways to use the site. You can download the files directly by clicking on the green disk icons and choosing where you want to save them on your disk, this means you can then copy them to an mp3 player or burn them on to cd and play them with a dvd player. Alternatively you can stream the recordings with an mp3 audio player such as winamp, xmms, itunes or windows media player by clicking the green play buttons. If you experience any technical difficulties please see the help section.

The site is at http://www.ecotalk.org.uk This is version is due to be replaced shortly buy the ultra spiffy new version. and has recently had a facelift. more content coming soon.

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