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Religious Zealotry
2006-02-25 14:42:47
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I was shocked to find out that ken livingstone was suspended as london mayor by an unelected body. Its even harder to understand if you don't agree with the reasons for his suspension.

Apparently he was suspended for comparing a reporters anti-social behaviour to a concentration camp guard . This is daft , I doubt he knew the reporter was jewish and secondly the reporter harrased him outside a party . Sure he could have handled it better but then the journalist could also have respected his privacy. Ken's comments where clearly nothing to do with judaism and have been meliciously used for revenge purposes.

For this matter to then result in suspension is bizarre , where does an unelected religious body get the right to remove elected officials ? This is a secular society and as such holding a position of religious leadership should not confer any particular powers over anyone except people who are members of that religion. Even then the individuals should be able to ignore them.

As someone who does not believe in any particular religion would it be exceptable if i called for the suspension of my mp because i claimed he offended the pixies at the end of my garden ? i don't think so. I could tell you till i'm blue in the face how real they are and how much trouble i think i would be in if i didn't do what they said but that doesn't make my rights any more important. In fact it just makes me sound like a deluded nutter.

There is a worrying trend at the moment for people to justify arguments with their own faith , this to me seems to be a response to the growing complexity of the modern world and from the repeated discovery that the media is misleading us. I'm not trying to claim that science is the truth , or indeed that there is any real truth but at least science has a mechanism for discussion that is rooted in verifiable facts so if we are choosing a modus operandi then science is the only sensible choice. Unfortunately science has become distorted by capitalism and is loosing the authority that its manifest impartiality has given it. This isn't just the fault of coorperations it is the fault of anyone who sees the problem and does nothing.

I firmly believe that an individual has the right to hold whatever beliefs they want , however they do not have the right to have them defended by law or to impinge on others freedoms in persuance of them. Relious leaders need to behave multilateraly if we as a secular society are to take them seriously. This current action against ken livingstone seems to me to be pure unilateral action and is in my view intollerable interferance which will only undermine the jewish faith.

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