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Why Westward Ho
2006-02-19 22:09:48
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I called this blog Westward Ho because it seemed apropriate . My name was inspired by the protagonist of a book named Westward Ho , one Amias Leigh .
I also wrote the code during a move to the west country . Some might say its a mantra for developing nations , but I wouldn't be one of them.

I haven't actually read the book but apparently he was swashbuckling Sir Walter Raleigh type with a penchant for bloomers and futile macho gestures. Now i've never worn bloomers and am not very macho but i'd like to think i could buckle a swash or two given the chance. On a particularly vain day i might compare being a hacker with early sea exploration , although it would have to be a far vainer day than today.

The other connection is that there is a place called WestwardHo in devon which somewhat spookily is where a lot of my relatives are buried .

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