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Smoking ban in pubs
2006-03-15 22:10:26
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I'm a smoker , not a particularly proud one , but i have to deal with the addiction every day. I'd love to give up and not be funding some of the worst companies in the world but its hard , very hard .

The current moves to ban smoking in public places are very worrying for people like me . I'm heavily addicted to smoking and feel nervous when i cant smoke , this is particularly the case when socialising. Pubs are great places to socialise and i find it far less enjoyable when not smoking, to the point of not going.

I do understand the concerns of non-smokers who hate the smell of smoke and dont want the health problems , i fully agree they should be free to enjoy non poluted spaces . There is no law against banning smoking in a pub. Why aren't the non-smokers setting up their own pubs ? i would suspect that its because the demand is not there and that they have smoking friends that would like to drink with but who feel unconfortable in non-smoking pubs so wouldn't come with them. This decision is for a people to make on an individual basis and not for a government to dictate.

People do smoke too much in pubs and something needs to be done about it. The obvious solution is proper non smoking areas which are seperately ventilated. Every pub should be free to decide for itself wether it should have one. Banning smoking out right is just going to damage the pub trades.

I have yet to see any figures on how many non-smokers want smoking in pubs banned and how many smokers want it not to be. The smokers will of course reduce in number over time. At the moment i suspect that there is still enough support for smoking in pubs.

Imagine how a rural pub with one room and most of the regulars are smokers would be effected . It would have a hard time staying open if most of its regulars didnt drink there anymore. There are better solutions such as banning the sale of cigarettes in pubs which would help limit excessive smoking or increasing ventilation.

As smoker of rollups i can't help but notice that people rarely complain about them , cheap pre rolled cigarettes smell far worse and have more pervasive smoke. I can't see much support for bannning pre-rolled cigarettes but it would go a long way to removing some of the discomfort .

For me the smoking ban represents another attempt by politicans to distract us from the real problems like poverty,global warming and corruption by blowing a simple issue out of proportion. The main issues we face today are difficult for them to solve without big changes that their sponsors will not like . Its far easier to overstate a simple issue and appear to care. By all means help people to create non-smoking pubs if they want them but forcing all of them to be non-smoking is meddling unnecissarily.


I finally managed to give up smoking tobacco and havent looked back since. It turns out that the smoking ban helped me do it as well , by breaking my habits it forced me to consider a world without cigarettes and I actually found that i preferred it without nicotine. Reading this article now i see how much it controlled my thoughts and outlook on life. If you are a smoker have a thought for how its manipulatiing your mind.

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