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Summers here !
2005-04-11 12:18:34
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I am writing this sitting in the garden at claveys in glourious sunshine , the birds are singing and i can barely see my screen .
I love this moment in the year when nature gives us a taste of what is to come , how beautiful the summer will be and the immense posibilites that consistant good weather gives us. The gnats are hatching and forming little blizzards over their birthing bushes
This being england however the rain will soon set in and we shall all be drenched and frozen again before the real summer sets in .
In the true adolecent spirit of optimisim my sister has organised a barbecue and this is the way it should be . The world becomes so much larger when winter abates and allows the rexploration of the outside world . A winter spent learning the whys and wherefores of wifi now pays off , that standing outside when it was so cold the battery of my laptop would visably discharge allows me to compute in this glorious sunshine.
It is now time to change from planning and storing to doing and exploring :)
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