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The power of Fear
2005-09-25 18:40:25
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Have you noticed that point in any ecological or political conversation where the inital enthusiasm fades as the group start to realise the scale of what would need to happen to change things ?

At this point people are making a very import descision but usually not aware of it , someone will invitably say that we need a decent government or less maniacal corporations and then the plummet starts as other people start to catch the fear.

One person expresses their doubt that they will change things and everybody else picks it up like bacteria from a sneeze on a crowded tube. Before you know it a growing sense of futility forces a subject change and inaction.

My strategy is to think about how many people you've had this types of conversation with , try and give it a figure (in the high thousands for me)

Imagine if all those people where to able to jump past that fear and joined the boycott / voted green / shopped locally . Then multiply your number by half of itself to include all the other people those people might have shared it with if they thought it was going to work.

Is that enough to make a difference , more often than not it is !

Dodgy Goverments like ours thrive on this latent fear that we cannot change things so remember not to feed them by letting it oppress you or your friends. This might seem like self-delusion but i would say the change-inertia-fear is a much worse self-delusion , at least this way we get to see more ideas get past the initial phases and more participation in politics. This virus is spread unconciously when we are stressed , in a bad mood or depressed. If you feed your friendship groups with positivity and reinforce the possiblity of change you can innoculate yourself and others against this debilitating disease !
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