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The London Bombings
2005-08-03 01:41:55
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I was amazed by the courage and composure shown by londoners in response to the 7th of July bombings . There was a marked difference between the hysteria that seemed to take hold of America after 911 and the gritty English respone . Whilst this was on a much smaller scale there is a different fear to get over . Things like this have happened in London before . I don't think New Yorkers expect that the same thing will happen to them again however the london bombings do leave the possiblity of repetition. There is also the fact londoners have been expecting a bomb on the tube for a while whereas 911 was , for most people , out of the blue

I felt a recoginition in the british people of how important it was to not let this change anything and also that to scream for revenge would be irresponsible and would most likely increase the chance of it happening again.

Luckily Tony Bliar seems to have learn the lesson that using tragic events like these as justification for war is not a sensible policy. This i feel is a subtle acknowledgement of the fact that he knows that this probably would not have happend if he had not dragged us in to the invasion of iraq.

Of course this doesn't stop the tabloids calling for Osama's head on a pole and other massivley inaproptiate requests , national news papers are far to powerful a tool to be used by such shortsighted neandertals. I urge you to not buy newspapers that call for military responses or retaliation.

There are two ways we can go from here :
We can shrink into ourselves and harden up again the the threat which will achive nothing but limiting our freedoms unnecessarily excusing the distruction our government is spreading throught the world.
Or we can look at what we are doing in the world that might be fueling terrorists and try to minimise it. Al quieda are not popular with the large majority of muslims and these raids do not directly give them popularity , they gain by inciting the west to opress muslims further which turns the muslims against the west and eventually into the hands of al-Qaida. The only way to fight terrorism is to remove the reasons why people support its purpetrators

It would not be 'giving in to terror' if our govermnent where to pull out of iraq and to rexamine its foreign policy and those of its allies , we must stop feeding al-Qaida if we want to be safe. So i ask Tony Blair to mirror the maturity and sense of the british people in his responses to this most terrible atrocity before more innocent civillians die in his war. He wont do this on his own and it is up to us to apply the appropriate pressure.
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