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Debt versus Aid
2005-07-10 11:24:17
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In the midst of all the publicity about giving aid to the third world the reason why the third world needs this money is not really given much time.

Lots of answers are being proposed with corruption in the countries themselves being generally excepted and even borderline racist assertions of incompetence . But the reality is that has very little to do with you average citizen of the third world . .

Everytime i see bush or tony bliar boasting about how much aid they are giving i wonder how blind they think we are. It is fairly clear that they are taking more back with the other hand.

consider these points :
So next time anywone talks about giving foreign aid , think about what it really means , for me campaigning for a less exploitative foriegn policy and shopping ethically makes more sense than chasing the symptons of the debt disease.
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