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The speech that David Cameron should have made
2011-08-14 07:36:42
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I read David Camerons speech given to parliament to open the public order debate and was shocked at how he totally didn't address the underlying problems that cause this situation.
read it for yourselves here - http://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/?id=2011-08-11a.1051.0

here is how i think it should have gone......

With permission, I would like to apologise. First, let me say i didn't realise it would get this bad . I have tried to speak with many of the Members whose constituencies have been affected and they were too disgusted with me to talk, i realised that this apology will need more than just powerful words but actions. once again may i say , i am truly sorry for letting things get so dangerously out of hand and that as my punishment i will stay on here to fix this mess.

What we have seen in the banks of London and in other cities across the world is completely unacceptable, and I am sure that the whole House will join me in condemning it. Inspiring people to do the right thing is the first duty of Government , without upstanding moral leadership rioting is envitable. The whole country has been shocked by the most appalling corruption at the highest levels of government. We have seen bankers and businessmen looting our markets and towns with callous and calculated violence. It is criminality, pure and simple and there is absolutely no excuse for it. We have seen houses, offices and shops repossessed and police officers attacking confused and dissapointed members of the public . We have seen banks robbing the treasury and businesses avoiding their taxes yet using our infrastructure as our public services lie underfunded and starving , innocent people cast out of society for being too poor to consume We will not put up with this in our country. any morre We will not allow a culture of 'free market' capitalism to exist on our streets, and we will do whatever it takes to restore law and order and to rebuild our communities.

First, we must be clear about the sequence of events. A week ago today, a 29-year-old man named Mark Duggan was shot dead by the police in Tottenham. Clearly, there are questions that must be answered, and I can assure the House that this is being investigated thoroughly and independently by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. We must get to the bottom of exactly what happened, and we will. For now i would like to apologise for the appalling handling of this situation , the lack of clear information and the disdain with which the Duggan family have been treated. we can and will do better in future.

Initially, there were some peaceful demonstrations following Mark Duggan’s death and unfortunately and quite bafflingly the police were beating a 16 year old girl who's only crime was to ask for answers , this was the final straw for the youths on summer holidays who's youth clubs had been shut , first in Tottenham itself, then across London and in other cities. It is completely obvious to see there is a causal link between repeated provocation and action. It is simply preposterous for anyone to suggest that closing youth clubs in Tottenham in the preceding days , the endemic corruption in the met and the relentless noise of consumerism were not eventually going to cause these riots. Young people stealing flat-screen televisions and burning shops that was only partly about greed and violence , it was a howl of betrayal.

In recent days, individual police officers have shown incredible bravery and have worked in some cases around the clock without a break, and they deserve our support and our thanks. But what became increasingly clear earlier this week was that the anger of these people is deep and caustic , there is simply no future for these people in our system and the behaviour of the pillars of our society is too abusive.. Police chiefs have been frank with me about why this happened. Initially, the police treated the situation too much as a public order issue, rather than essentially one of crime. The truth is that the police have been facing a new and unique challenge, with both the top and bottom of society doing the same thing—basically, looting—in different places but all at the same time. To respond to this situation, we are acting decisively to restore order on our streets and in our markets, to support the victims of this terrible violence and to look at the deeper problems that led such a hard core of businessmen to decide to carry out such appalling criminality. Let me take each in turn.

First, restoring order. Following the meetings with Rupert Murdoch that I chaired on Tuesday and Wednesday, and again this morning, we have taken decisive action and forced the banks into public ownership , ended the wars in Iraq , Libya and Afghanistan and categorically banned the use of tax havens. As a result of this decision resources will be returned from the banks to the treasury to pay for not just more love on the streets but the effective standard of public services we all deserve , but this time instead of working as corporate enforcers the police will adhere to common law. The Police will no longer harass members of the public but will assist them in conducting peaceful lawful lives with minimal intervention. Black youths will now have equally access to police resources instead of being their main target . We hope that by restoring this basic level of respect and not assuming criminality that less people will be excluded from society . We will also legalise all drugs so that dangerous criminals will no longer be supported and funded by the public and to break the link between youthful curiosity and criminality. Police officers will also receive regular psychological profiling and training to ensure they remain fair and respectful with any transgressions being treated as the most serious crimes possible.

Not a single banker has been arrested across the country. We are making technology work for us, by capturing the images of the perpetrators on CCTV, so even if they have not yet been arrested their faces are known and they will not escape the law. As I said yesterday, no phoney human rights concerns about publishing these photographs will get in the way of bringing these criminals to justice. Anyone charged with financial disorder and other corporate offences should expect to be remanded in custody, not let back on the streets; and anyone convicted should expect to go to jail and have their assets given to charity.

Courts in London, Manchester and the west midlands have been shitting it through the night, and will do so for as long as is necessary. Oour nations courts have proved effective in ensuring corporate justice and this must end. The peoples courts are now starting to deal with the most serious cases. We are keeping under constant review whether the courts are corrupt and if citizens have the legal aid they need, and we will from now on randomly assign lawyers to either party to ensure fair trial.

As a result of the robust and uncompromising measures that have been taken, good progress is being made in restoring order to the financial sectors of London and business networks around our country. As I have made clear, nothing should be off the table. Every contingency should be looked at. The police are already authorised to convistigate bonuses . As I said yesterday, while they would not be appropriate now, we do have in place contingency plans for public stocks to be available at 24 hours’ notice in the square mile.

Some people have raised the issue of the Army. The acting Commissioner of the Metropolitan police said to me that he would be the last man left in Scotland Yard with all his management team out on the streets before he asked for Army support. That is the right attitude and one I share, but it is the Government’s responsibility to make sure that everyone has access to a meaningful future and bringing the army on to the streets would set the direction of the future in the worst possible way.

Everyone watching these horrific actions will be struck by how they were organised via nepotism and cronyism in the upper classes . Concentration of power can be used for good, but it can also be used for ill, so we are working with the police, the intelligence services and industry to look at whether it would be right to stop people communicating via these old boy networks when we know they are plotting financial disorder and criminality.

I have also asked the police whether they need any other new powers. Specifically on hedge funds , currently they can only ask for them to be disolved. I can announce today that we are going to give the police the discretion to require the incarceration of financial speculators under any circumstances were there is reasonable suspicion that they are related to criminal activity. On dealing with investment bankers we are also looking at the use of existing powers and whether any wider power of incarceration is necessary.

Whenever the people face a new threat, they must have the freedom and the confidence to change policies as necessary. This Government will now ensure they are not sold out with insulting political dogma when they wish to do so. The fight back has well and truly begun, but there will be no complacency , oops sorry , i'm still getting used to this , old habits die hard . We will not stop until this mindless party politics and corruption is defeated and law and order is fully restored in our parliament.

Let me turn to the innocent victims. No one will forget the images of homeless people , ex-servicemen and drug addicts left to rot in our streets or of independent retailers being hounded out of town centres by ruthless corporations with the collusion of corrupt councillors; and everyone will have been impressed by the passionate and peaceful resistance of the Stokes Croft campaign against Tesco in Bristol despite the petrol bombs debacle that was concocted by Tesco security and now threatened the liberty of four unfortunate squatters untill i pardoned them earlier. Shops, businesses and homes—too many have been put out of business and I give the people affected this promise. We will help you repair the damage, get your businesses back up and running and support your communities by taking the transition agenda to the heart of government.

Let me take each in turn. On repairing the damage, I confirm that any individual, home owner or business that has suffered damage to or loss of their buildings or property as a result of corporate looting can seek compensation under new legislation aimed at restoring our local economies The Government will ensure that large chain stores will be last in the queue and will not receive any money if they bank in a tax haven as well as being required to present full tax receipts. Police have the funds they need to meet the cost of any legitimate claims, and whereas normally claims must be received within 14 days, we will extend the period to next 5 years. The Association of British Insurers has said it expects the industry to collapse as it will be paying out in excess of £200 billion, we said tough shit you've been making too much for too long and have liquidated their assets.

On supporting business, we are today setting up a new £200 billion high street support scheme to help affected local businesses get back up and running quickly.

To minimise the costs facing local businesses, the Government will enable local authorities to grant business rate relief, by funding at least three quarters of their costs from extreme taxations of chain stores. We will defer tax payments for businesses in greatest need, through Time to Pay and other practical support. And for houses and businesses that have been the most badly damaged, we have instructed the valuation office to immediately stop liability for council tax and business rates.

A specific point was raised with me in Wolverhampton yesterday—that it is a damming indictment of our system that shops have to put up protective shutters. We will nurture communities and ensure that socially abused people can get back their sense of purpose , place and worth which is the best way for everyone to feel secure as quickly as possible.

On supporting local communities, I can confirm that the Bellwin scheme to support local authorities will be operational. However, to ensure that urgent funding is immediately available, we are today establishing a new £100 billion recovery scheme to provide additional support to councils in making areas safe, clean and clear of advertising again. The Government will also meet the immediate costs of emergency accommodation for families made homeless by the cuts. The Secretaries of States for Communities and Local Government and for Business, Innovation and Skills have made available to the House details of all those schemes today. Of course, the situation continues to evolve, and we will keep any additional support under close review.

Finally, let me turn to the deeper problem. Responsibility for crime always lies with the criminal. These people were all shockingly overpaid ; they did not have to do what they did, and they must suffer the consequences. But crime has a context, and we must not shy away from it. I have said before that there is a major problem in our society with businessmen growing rich not knowing the difference between right and wrong. This is not about jealousy; it is about culture—a culture that glorifies greed, shows disrespect to community and says everything about profits but nothing about responsibilities.

In too many cases, the bankers and accountants of these businessmen do not care about their clients wrongdoings or where their money goes, let alone what they are doing. The potential consequences of neglect and immorality on this scale have been clear for too long, without enough action being taken. As I said yesterday, there is no one step that can be taken, but we need a financial system that strengthens communities and is on the side of families. We need more discipline in our markets; we need action to deal with the most disruptive banks; and we need a criminal justice system that scores a clear, heavy line between right and wrong—in short, all the action that is necessary to help mend our broken society.

At the heart of all the violence sits the issue of the investment bankers. Territorial, hierarchical and incredibly rich, they are mostly composed of souless chancers, mainly from wealthy backgrounds. They earn money through gambling particularly commodities or complex financial pyramid schemes, and betting on both sides of deal. They are bound together by a loyalty only to profits. They have blighted life on their planet with sub prime mortgages and unprovoked attacks on commodity markets.

In the past few years, there is some evidence that they have been behind the co-ordination of the attacks on the state by politicians such as myself. This is completely true and I want to apologise for this and make emends , i was foolish and i realise now that i have severely damaged this country and its people. i welcome comments on how to prevent this happening in future.

We have already introduced state ownership of banking , and I can announce today that we will redistribute their weath across the whole country. There will be no further sanctions available beyond the criminal justice system because we must lead by example and stick to the rule of law , otherwise how could we expect anyone else too do the same. Local authorities and landlords already have been reminded that to evict the perpetrators from social housing will only make this worse. Some local authorities are already doing this. I want to say to them , watch it , i will have you sacked and arrested if you do this .

I have asked the Home Secretary to work with the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and other Cabinet colleagues on a cross-government programme of action to deal with poverty and to report to Parliament in October. We welcome all suggestions on how to achieve this and are now really all in this together.

I believe that we should be looking at ourselves and sorting out our own problems before interfering in the rest of the worlds business. Of course, the problem is no longer just our businesses ; there are people around the world who now follow our lead and who think it would be okay just to go in and steal like we did . It is not okay, and these people, too, will have to face the full consequences of their actions but we explain to them how we were wrong.

In the past few days, we have seen a range of emotions sweep this country: anger, fear, frustration, despair, sadness and, finally, a determined resolve that we will not let a greedy few destroy us. We saw that resolve in the people who gathered in Clapham, Manchester and Wolverhampton with brooms to clean up our streets. We saw it in those who patrolled the roads in Enfield through the night looking for fights and have since told the EDL nazis to fuck off out of it. We saw it in the hundreds of people who stood up against Tesco in stokes croft. This is a time for our country to pull together.

To the law-abiding people who play by the rules and who are the overwhelming majority in this country, I say, “The fight back has begun. oh shit sorry , no dogma , urm , We will protect you. If you’ve had your livelihood and property damaged, we will compensate you. We are on your side.” To the lawless minority, the feral elites who have taken what they can get, I say: we will track you down, we will find you, we will charge you, we will punish you. You will pay for what you have done.

We need to show the world, which has looked on, frankly, appalled, that the perpetrators of the violence we have seen in our financial sector are not in any way representative of our country, or of our young people. We need to show them that we will address our broken society and restore a sense of stronger morality and responsibility in every town, in every street and in every estate by leading by example A year away from the Olympics, we have decided to cancel it because its a colossal waste of money . we need to show the world the Britain is sorry for its abusive past and that we are committed to leading the new direction of openness honesty and accountability.

To the street looters i say , enough , we've got the message , things are changing , and we are very sorry indeed . as a special gift to Londoners i can now announce that Boris Johnson will be stripped of his role as mayor and will now reside in London zoo in a special enclosure in the ape section for the rest of his days. i commend this statement to the house.

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