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Who will help our overloaded MP
2011-02-04 05:34:18
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Today i decided to phone the house of commons to ask my local MP Stephen Williams why he voted for the sell off of our nations protected forests.

I got through to his secretary who informed me that they had not responded to my emails to him on this issue because they where overwhelmed by over 100 emails per day, she then suggested this was because the expenses scandal had impoverished their budget for handling questions from constituents.

Apparently that audacious response was supposed to make it easier to take. i pointed out that constituents should not suffer because of MP's bad behaviour and that if they where short of money they should be taxing the rich more ( a sentiment that recently gained 77% approval rating in a yougov poll). I was also told that movements like 38degrees where taking up a lot of their time so i suggested that maybe mps should make efforts to be more in touch politically to avoid this. she didn't like that.

So i then hit apon the notion of offering my IT consultancy skills to help him streamline his digital operations to enable him to keep up with the demands he has. If it means he can actually have time to respond to my emails its worth loosing the 300 quid a day fee i would normally charge anyone else. I'm hardly wealthy right now but this is important and we are all in it together after all.

I'm tired of watching and waiting for the government to mess things up , its time to micromanage them into doing what we want because thats what the tax evading high street shops are doing for themselves. nothing else seems to work so its worth a try with your mp.

So i'm about to draft a formal offer of help and would like to extend the invitation to other similarly technical constituents who might like to get involved. mail me if you are interested.

in the mean time please call the houses of parliament on 0207 219 1000 and ask to speak to your MP (see http://blog.38degrees.org.uk/CallMP/index.php , mine is Stephen Williams MP (Liberal Democrat) - Bristol West because even though emails take less time than phone calls, they do respond to you on the phone.

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