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Yuletide Thoughts
2009-12-24 05:06:16
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So another year has passed , its been another good one for me , i have seen steady progress toward more and more stabilty and happiness by moving away from the cynicism i have previously hidden in towards a more open , light and loving way of looking at life , maybe i'm older , maybe i'm not ill anymore whatever it is i love it :) . I am once more with cat which makes me very happy (thankyou urszula and chris) even if he is a bit of psycho sometimes. I continue to be loved and appreciated by bristol in its own special way and am loving and appreciating bristol right back again with all its special people , places and parties , its one hell of a ride ! Outside bristol its not been quite so good , i'm sure i am not alone in feeling utterly robbed by the farce that was the copenhagen summit , abused by the sheer audacity of banking sector and generally baggage handled by the governments continuing infatuation with business.

Copenhagen Summit and climate change

Copenhagen was a real low , our elected representives (they are not by any stretch of the imagination leaders) had a chance to rise above the business agenda and set clear targets , we made it clear to them in unprecedented numbers that enough was enough and they ignored us. This wasnt really a suprise if i'm honest but it was painful feeling that it could have been that close. I think the real message here is that we cannot rely on politicans to sort this out for us , they are just too corrupt . If we want this to happen we need to do it ourselves , make our own commitments and force the political agenda to green. The transition agenda is the best effort yet i have seen at this and rob hopkins explains it beautifully in his recent post at http://transitionculture.org/2009/12/21/what-if-they-held-a-climate-summit-and-nobody-came/

Bank Robbery

The banking sector continued to ride roughshood of not only its own rules but everybody elses morality in its ongoing crusade to commit the biggest swindle in history . Not content with savaging the weaker members of its own clique it turned its attention on what the politicians describe as the tiny public purse which sudddenly expanded to galatic proportions when the banks asked for a go on it. The results of which are that the universitys have had 533 million severed from their funding forcing them further away from learning and closer to privatisation , the military got a light slap on the hand for spending to much when really they needed to be shut down and the banks where let off a potentially seismic court case concerning their abuse of overdraft fines by the newly formed supreme corruption , oops sory i meant court. What can we do about this ? putting your money under a mattress is not really going to work but you can still take it out of the banking sectors hands by joining a credit union and putting your salary or savings there . Whilst you do have to pay a banking fee with most credit unions its worth remembering how much the banks have cost you as taxpayer already , its worth a pound a week just to know your money as not in their hands. As allways spending your money on local produce , in small independent shops from ethical producers helps take the power back also. For more information on banking and financial corruption check out the writing and videos of max keiser at http://maxkeiser.com/.

Usually anything with the word goddess in it makes my roll my eyes and groan but this video from the love police's own charlie veitch has really struck a chord and i hope it will do for you too.Its heavy at the beginning but please stick with it as the conclusion is spectacular. Part 1 Part 2

Next Year

Armed with the stability of a proper income from my new 3 day a week job with webfaction as senior system administrator i hope to do even more exciting things in 2010 which will include organising and attending festivals and music events , making and playing out more music and growing some food. What are you going to do ? whatever it is dont beat your self up about it , do what you can and make sure you have lots and lots of fun !

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