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All our problems are over
2009-01-19 06:39:40
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At 4pm today all the worlds problems will be solved .

(suggested background music for this article is 'things can only get better')

The miraculous effect of a black man taking power in the white house is apparently going to solve all our problems. This means that its officially not white peoples fault anymore and we can all start to feel good about ourselves again (oh and while you are feeling good , go out and buy something for fucks sake) . This is important because its fat , decadent white folk who are causing all the problems (and consuming more won't add to them , no siree bob , its your patrotic duty) , black people would never be so mean to each other as the white people were. You would never see a black person abusing their power or demanding an outrageous lifestyle at others expense. African Americans are a shining example to us all.

Ok so maybe he wont solve the social problems , but climate change will be a thing of the past by tommorrow . Obama will make it clean and nice again because hes not going to get bought off by the big corporations , its not like they funded his election in the first place , hes black that would never happen , except , oh there is this.

Ok so maybe he wont do anything about climate change , but he will stop the war in iraq straight away like he said in dealy plaza , oh hang on , sorry he's going to do it within 16 months of starting his presidency , ah this just in : he's changed his mind again , he might do something about it at some point but can we just talk about something else please and dont mention israel either.

Ok so at least hes not george bush , but we said similar things about tony blair after thatcher and that went really well didn't it. He is still going to screw us all - He is a politician its his job.

(ok you can turn that god awful tune off now)

Whats my point ? my point is that if you want a good leader you've got to make them a good leader , learn about the policies and the world around you then demand that your politicians do the right thing. otherwise you get what you given or some might say what you deserve.

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